Arts, Armed Conflict and Humanitarian Aid

Know more about Arts, Armed Conflict and Humanitarian Aid contexts to develop professional skills to design art projects for humanitarian emergencies.

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The MOOC "Arts, Armed Conflict and Humanitarian Aid" offers a 4 weeks training space dedicated to the different professionals of the humanitarian or artistic field concerned by artistic practices in humanitarian emergencies.

Here you will be able to meet professionals with experience in the field, learn with peers, share your experiences and be engaged in a world network of activist art facilitators and art educators.

This MOOC aims to bring theoretical knowledge in Humanitarian aid contexts, through different topics, and to link this knowledge with a more practical part, allowing the participants to become aware of real situations lived in the field, as well as bringing expertise and sharing experiences of real contexts of artistic practices in humanitarian emergencies contexts.

It will provide an overview of the different types of artistic practices in humanitarian contexts, testimonials from practitioners, concrete tools for implementing projects and reflective approaches.

The course will be made in english and the videos have portuguese subtitles.

Who should do this MOOC

People implementing and working in humanitarian aid arts projects, artists, educators or anyone interested in art.

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the concept of humanitarian emergency;
  • Develop critical approaches for humanitarian emergency actions;
  • Know about different methodologies of arts for social transformation;
  • Analyse specific artistic practices through Health and educational approaches;
  • Understand evaluation strategies and assessment tools for art projects.


  • Module 1: Introduction to the Humanitarien Field and "Arts as Care"
  • Module 2: Artistic Practices Through a Health Approach
  • Module 3: Artistic Practices Through a Cultural Approach
  • Module 4: Assessment and Accountability of Art Projects


The course has 4 modules, it is expected that participants spend one week to complete each module. But participants can fill the tasks at their own rhythm.


For each module, there are 3 sessions with a multiple choice evaluation form (quizz), and a fórum allowing users to post comments and send long descriptions in written and visual forms which will be evaluated by peers.


At the end of this MOOC, after having looked at all the tabs, browsed through all the videos and answered the different quizzes, you will receive a certification regarding the participation in the MOOC.


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