The Fundamentals of Social Franchising

In the course The Fundamentals of Social Franchising you will learn what to expect from a journey as a social entrepreneur. Join us and be a changemaker!

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Do you want to know what is social franchising? Or What resources are needed to start?

The course The Fundamentals of Social Franchising is the answer. In this course we have partnered with experts in the field of entrepreneurship and social innovation to bring you both theoretical and practical knowledge in this field.

Being a changemaker and trying to tackle a societal problem can be challenging. However, with the right tools and understanding of the social innovation ecosystem, you can transform your own impact journey!

This course was designed in partnership with Catolica Lisbon School of Business and Economics and includes a theoretical presentation of concepts related to social innovation and, subsequently, its practical application in the case study of SPEAK.

The participation of a set of experts in the field of social innovation, with extensive years of experience and contact with various organizations, allowed a simple and direct approach to concepts that otherwise would seem extremely complex.

Learn with us!

Who should do this MOOC

This course was designed for social entrepreneurship enthusiasts who are trying to understand more about the social innovation ecosystem and for social entrepreneurs looking to scale their initiative. Both will have the opportunity to meet first-hand experts in this field, as well as learning and being inspired by SPEAK’s social franchising case study.

Learning objectives

Our main goal with this course is to help you understand better:

  • What social entrepreneurship is;
  • What models can you use to scale your social enterprise in the most efficient way ;
  • How to know which one will best fulfill your vision.


Module 1: Fundamentals on Social Innovation

Module 2: Scaling Social Innovations.

Módulo 3: Social Franchising.

Módulo 4: Franchisee.

Módulo 5: Conclusion.


Qualitative assessment, using a multiple choice quiz, at the end of each chapter.


It is expected that participants can finish the course in 2 hours.


At the end of this MOOC, after having looked at all the tabs, browsed through all the videos and answered the different quizzes, you will receive a certification regarding the participation in the MOOC.


This MOOC is in english and all communication must be done in english.


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